Click on any of our Replicants to take you to their social media thread to make a comment. If there isn't information between the pictures beyond the name, that means, they do not have a social media page yet. They will arrive soon. Pictures on the left are the digitally edited pictures we used on the cards. Pictures on the right are the original hand drawn and inked versions. You will be able to get them by clicking on the "Buy Original Art" button which will take you to our kickstarter starting February 12th.

Art by Joey Valdillez

Replicant stories by Will Carson.


The market is a good place for all. Need resources, the market has got them. Maybe not the ones you need right now, but bet your bolts the price is right.

Mission Control

It is a well known fact that when one set of drones heads off to gather resources, several others tend to join in. The control room is a useful tool for when a resource is running low and you need a leg up on the competition.

Nanite Pod Storehouse

Nanites are indeed the most defining things about replicants. Nanites give them their seeming "life" as well as taking care of minor repairs and functions. They also have a habit of breaking down over time, so keeping a constant supply of nanites is imperative. So make sure to add the Nanites Production room to the station for everyone's benefit.

Nanite Production

Those messy storage bots really do need to take better care of this place. Nanites that break free of their containers are a hazard, unless you are Catastrophe then they are fun. Free roaming nanites have a habit of animating things that shouldn't be and that can cause chaos. That said this room is important. Get your nanites and move on.

Overclocking Station

Sometimes you just need to get things done... Visit the over clocking station. Set your cpu to overdrive and feel like a robot god. Warning: not recommend for repeated use. Long term exposure to overclocking can lead to premature shutdown, fried circuits, cognitive instability, exploding and on one occasion emotions.

Power Station

What can I say? It provides extra power. It is a necessity. More power, more energy, more replicants. This room just makes for more success.

Probe Control

Sometimes swarms of drones are sent to a location to gather resources, and by sometimes, I mean all the time. That's what drones are for. The probe control room allows a personnel on the station to alter it's trajectory a bit. Making the resource field just a little bit different than the one they were originally going to.

Processor Boost

For those times when you need to get to the resources faster. Get in to the processor room for your boost asap. They will have you running like one of those caffeinated squirrels of legend in no time.


Sometimes your drones finish working on collecting resources, only come up short. Ever wish you could take one of those resources and get more of it? Why not refine it into something more efficient at the refinery? Really, if your station doesn't have one the only personnel it is hurting is yours... And every other hive that visits the station. So get get on making a refinery.

Replicant Upgrade Shop

Sometimes you have lots of resources, just not the right ones. Bring them into the upgrade shop. There's a high likelihood we can slap some things together. We make no promises things will work right, but you will look... And maybe function differently. Definitely worth the risk.

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