Click on any of our Replicants to take you to their social media thread to make a comment. If there isn't information between the pictures beyond the name, that means, they do not have a social media page yet. They will arrive soon. Pictures on the left are the digitally edited pictures we used on the cards. Pictures on the right are the original hand drawn and inked versions. You will be able to get them by clicking on the "Buy Original Art" button which will take you to our kickstarter starting February 12th.

Art by Joey Valdillez

Replicant stories by Will Carson.

Battery Storehouse

Need to upgrade someone and you suspect you are going to be a little low on power this turn? Send your personnel to the battery storehouse for improved power efficiency. And while you are there, mind picking those things off the floor?

Black Market

The Black Market is the place to go to shuffle some resources around. If you are short on a resource someone else has, give up something you do have and if you are lucky, the reputable Replicant behind the counter might just offer you something useful. Or maybe it will scrap you and sell your parts. How would I know, I'm a good replicant. I don't use these kind of establishments.

Crane Control Room

The crane control room is vital for moving rooms around on the station. Not that moving rooms is all that important. Occasionally it will unbury a trapped room or, even better, get in the way of another hive's plans... Err I mean, don't use it to mess other hives up. We're all friends here who aim to get along in all endeavors on the station.

Data Drive Storehouse

You have a replicant who needs extra software to upgrade? Not sure you are going to collect enough this round? Get your personnel to the data drive storehouse. Take the drive that is laying on the floor and use as needed.

This room is like on of those old earth "libraries" the archivists are always talking about, but for storing useful data and programing instead of books. Books don't help you function... Information does. Build one today!

Emergency Supply Depot

The place to go when you are in need of supplies. All you need to do is have the resources in your locker to replace what you want to have sent out to the drones in the field. We will take care of the rest.


All hives have one thing in common; they want to grow more powerful. The best way to do this is by building more replicants, recruiting or upgrading those that are already part of the hive. The U.S.C. has introduced another method. Effectively we will call this notoriety. You build a room on the space station other replicants want to join your hive. Quite the racket, but no racket is greater than the exchange. You pay resources to the U.S.C. and they will put the word out that your hive is doing so well that they can afford to advertise. The crazy thing is that this strategy actually work, even if it is less efficient than just upgrading a replicant you already have.

Factory Floor

The factory floor is an amazingly productive room used to entice all the hives to join the U.S.C. build this room and enjoy the capability of increased replicant production. Nothing says more agency like more replicants.

Hardware Prefab

Hardware is a necessity in a world where all that exists is machines. The hardware prefab room is an excellent way to take raw materials and make them useful. It's also good for converting scrap, or that pesky Replicant that is being a thorn in your side.

Hardware Storehouse

Hardware is a necessary and sometimes in abundance. Many a U.S.C. station has one of these storehouses. Just brimming with all the hardware a hive could want. Usually there are even trades available, but if you need a lot, there's a premium.

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