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The Replicants are starting to adjust to a solar system devoid of organic life. It was chaos at first, but, for the most part, the mega hives a have started to create some stability. The United Sol Colonies, or U.S.C. for short (who this expansion is focused on), are doing their part to bring structure (or structures =P) to the system. They are currently building a network of space stations that all Replicants may have access to, provided they follow a few simple rules: 

1) No fighting on the space stations.

2) Use the rooms you need to and move on, so others may use them too.

3) Help build additions to the stations you visit.

4) Everyone must spend their own resources to activate functions they wish to use.

5) Stay out of other hives’ lockers.

In the U.S.C. Expansion you will pick your favorite hive and join the effort to make the system a better place for all Replicants.

Game play, for the most part, is similar to the core game (which is required to play the expansion.)

Like in the core game, you will deal out a resource grid each round, and place your drones to collect resources. But between those two phases, you now have a Station phase. During the Station phase, you will get to move your two personnel around the station to access the functions of the different rooms. Room functions consist of things like: build new rooms, resource discounts when leveling up new replicants, buying points, and more.


After the Drone phase, you still spend the resources you produced or gained to level up your Replicants. However, instead of discarding any unused resources from your hand at the end of the round, you now send them off to your locker on the space station. Once resources are in your locker, you may not use them for leveling up your replicants, but they can be used for activating any functions on the station. 

Interested in learning more? Visit the U.S.C LORE PAGES to take in all of the lore in the ever growing Replicants! universe. While there, click on any of our Replicants or Drones to take you to their social media thread to make a comment. Are you inspired by one of them? Post your own bit of lore there and if we love it, we may very well add it to the canon on this site.

The Replicants! U.S.C. Expansion is currently available on our Kickstarter

Kickstarter, Game Stores and Charity

Interested in buying from your local store? Let them know about our "Replicants are invading our shelves" perk, which includes 6 copies of the core game, 4 copies of the U.S.C. Expansion, and we will send a copy of the core and expansion to the youth club of their choice. 

All Room and Replicant art by Joey Valdillez.

Replicants! U.S.C. Logo, Room Card Back, Lockers and Scoring Track art by Trisha Durdy.


Contents & New Rules

Each copy of Replicants! U.S.C. comes with a total of 90 cards, 18 punch out tokens, a rules sheet, and a cute box that is a replicant who's purpose is storing the contents of the game.

  • 2 game board sheets with 9 U.S.C. Personnel punch out tokens each (3 for each of the 6 hives, 18 total tokens)

  • 42 room cards (the rooms used to build the space station.)

  • 10 new Replicants

  • 6 hive lockers (1 for each of the playable hives.)

  • 24 "3 resource" cards (6 of each of the 4 resources.)

  • 4 new turn order reference cards

  • 4 scoring track cards (laid out in a square make the full scoring track.)

These are your two sheets of punch out Personnel tokens. Each player will take the 3 that match their hive. 1 will be used on the scoring track (discussed at the End of Turn Phase.) and the other 2 will be used in the Station.

These are the 6 Hive Storage Lockers, The back side has the Drone image used in the core game to help you in identifying which hive which locker belongs to.

The four scoring track cards get placed out like so. When placing your scoring personnel remember to put them at 6 points, as you start with 1 Replicant at level 4.

Game Setup

Starting a Game of Replicants! U.S.C. is done the same way as the core game with the following changes.

Take your hive's 3 personnel tokens and storage locker.

Set out the "3 Resource" cards, either each at the bottom of their oppropriate resource piles, or all in one extra pile. These are just incase you end up with enough resources in lockers that you run out of the normal resources. If that happens, trade the resources in your locker for these "3 Resource" cards at a rate of 3 to 1 for whichever resource you are running low on.

For your play space you will want your normal resource field on one side of the table, your resources, replicants, rooms, etc in the middle and your space station on the other side.

Place the 4 cards of the scoring track in a place that everyone can see  that is out of the way and works for the table you are playing on. Each player will put one of their personnel tokens at the 6 score on the track.

Start your game (dealing out the 5 Replicants to each player, discarding one each, and setting one to level 4 and the other 3 to level 1.) Do your first replenish phase. Then, for the first Station phase, place the Storage platform, we suggest you place it in the middle of the space you will be using for your station.

Deal 2 rooms to each player. They will each select one to build and discard the other. Starting with the first player, each player will attach the room they chose to keep onto the station per the rules in the Station Section. Do not gain victory points for these rooms. 

Each player places one of their personnel on the Storage Platform (not on an icon), and one on one of the icons in the room they placed. If they are able, they may use the function their personnel is on during the part of the turn it indicates. 

Continue play as normal.



Play Order

In the U.S.C. Expansion there are now 7 Phases, Determine first player is now Determine Play Order, the Station Phase is new and the Discard Phase is now the Store Phase.

Most Replicants will have L4 abilities, and rooms will have functions, that happen before, on or after one of these phases.

On this page we are only going to go over the new Phase and the phases that have been modified. For the other phases, click the link of the phase above that you would like to know more about.


Determine Play Order

On the first turn, randomly decide who goes first. Every subsequent turn, play order will start with whoever has the fewest total points, the next lowest score goes next, working up to the highest score going last. Inevitably there will be tied scores throughout the game, on any tied score, the player at the top of the stack goes first, and work your way down the stack for the play order. This will make more sense after reading the End of Turn phase.



Starting on the second turn the normal Station phase runs as follows. In player order,  move one of your personnel 1 or 2 rooms. You may not end in the room you started in. If there is an available icon in that room, place your personnel on that icon. You will be able to use the function of that room during the phase listed in pink. Each player moves each of their personnel in  turn order until all players have moved both of their personnel. 


You may only place your personnel on an icon if no other personnel is on it. 


Remove your personnel from an icon when you use it, by sliding the token anywhere else in the room that is not an icon.


You must be able to do the whole function of a room to use the room.


When using the Storage Platform, the functions happen immediately. You may either discard and draw a new available room, or pay the appropriate resources to build an available room (Don't forget to score your points, points scored can change the turn order in later phases.)


Rules for placing new rooms in a station:

1) attach an outside opening of a room to an outside opening on the station.

2) As long as rule 1 has been followed, the room may overlap any other room on the station except the storage platform. This may block icons, making them unusable. If this happens to cover an icon another personnel was on, then move that personnel off of the icon, but leave them in the room. They will not get to use the room's function that round. The new card is on top and can close off openings on cards beneath it, and can cause an opening into another room. In the example below, the Processor Boost now has an entrance into both the Storage platform and the Power Station.

3) No room may be placed so that it makes another room completely inaccessible. In the example below the Shady Back Room is an illegal placement. It does attach to the Storage Platform (the outside of the station in that spot), with the opening on the room. But it makes it so the Processor Boost is no longer a valid room. This player would need to place the Shady Back Room in a different location.


The Build phase is essentially the same. The one change is that new Replicants will now say +1, +2, +3 at level 2, 3, and 4 respectively. This is the same, it is just to make scoring on the track more clear. Just remember that when leveling up core set Replicants, that leveling from 2 to 3, causes you to gain 2 points on the track (making that Replicant's total 3 points that it has earned, not gain another 3 points.) The same rule applies for level 3 to 4, you gain another 3, not another 6.

When scoring, have the person who had the most points at the beginning of this phase move first, next most scores next. In the case of ties for any point total, move the person at the top of the stack first. Doing scoring this way will give you your new turn order.



After the Build phase, instead of discarding any unused resources, you will now place them under your "Storage Locker". These resources will only be available on the Station, to either build new rooms or activate the functions of various rooms. If any of the resource piles start running low, (you now have 3 point resource cards.) you should trade your single resources, at a rate of 3 for 1, for 3 point resources when this happens.


End Turn

At the End of the turn, everyone gathers their Drones, someone picks up the Resource Field cards and shuffles them back into the Resource Field Deck. Check the scoring track. If someone has 36 or more points, the game is over. If not, start the next turn.


End Game

The Game is over at the end of a round in which at least one player's total VP is 36 or higher. In the case multiple people end up with more than 36, then the game goes to the player with the highest score. If they are tied, then it goes to the person with the most L4 Replicants. If still a tie, most L3, then L2, then total Replicants. If it is still a tie at that point, then accept the tie... Or duel to the death*

*Don't kill your friends, or even non friends that you are gaming with. You need them for further play throughs of this game and others.

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