Click on any of our Replicants in the left column to go to their social media thread to make a comment. Pictures on the left are the digitally edited pictures we used on the cards. Pictures on the right are the original hand drawn and inked versions. You will be able to get them by clicking on the "Get Original Art" button which will take you to Artisan's Coffer, a subscription service for art collectors.

Art by Joey Valdillez

Replicant stories by Will Carson.

Space Pirate

This replicant's job is to help construct space stations for the betterment of mankind. Mankind is dead though, so it has been repurposed to to build space stations for the betterment of replicant kind. It was a stretch in the programming, but some brilliant reprogrammer bot managed to succeed at the Herculean task. The real trick was giving it the traits of real world human pirates, which as far as we can tell involves floating around on a structure and taking care of it. 


This busy little replicant is a crowd favorite amongst the replicants who aim to reserve their personal fuel. And at only 6 times less fuel efficient than moving yourself, who wouldn't take the chance to carted around... I'll take 3.


In order to keep continuity with the old Earth customs, personnel on the stations aren't exactly quick about getting things done. So the U.S.C. did a competition to have a Replicant designed to fix this problem. The winner of the design competition was quoted as saying "if you don't want to be flown around the station by your head, you should have gone faster in the first place."


"Do you have a room you want built? Are you lacking in the right resources? I have what you need, let me just take those other useless resources. Perfect, glad I could help. Call on me any time to be your helpful servant." It is a wonder Belevederes don't get their arms ripped off by other Replicants more often, but there's just something about how freaking polite they are that tends to keep them safe. It's either that or fear of what might be brooding behind those big square eyes of theirs.

Disk Drive Dave

Who has the software you need? This Replicant. But it's not all files and programming. Disk Drive Dave will even physically install the drives containing the data for you.


When it comes to hardware this little machine has all the fixes. Scotty can find whatever workaround needed to get that hardware in place. That said, not a Replicant out there could tell you if it is wearing a bib or a visor.


All of us Replicants have nanites, everyone knows that. But have you ever wondered how large scale production facilities get them places in mass quantities? Replicants like this one build pipelines not unlike the oil lines of old. So next time you get a recharge of nanites, think about Astrobelle.


You need power? Tesleptocon has power in spades. It may look like a dangerous way to do things, but trust me, it is. Things on Tesleptocons burn out on a regular basis, but that's all right, because if you want extra power you'll keep it in good repair.

Tarp Tronser

Have you just run out of effort for the day? Can't convince yourself to keep moving? Tarp Tronser is the master of short distance teleportation. Like really short distance. As long as it has line of sight from start to finish and it's within a dozen or so meters, then this Replicant can teleport you anywhere.


Sometimes a bad plan is just a bad plan and the only proper response is to burn it. G08L1Ns are not so discerning. It will grow bored and burn plans because they are there. So watch out about inviting him on the station if you have specific plans you want built.

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