Click on any of our Replicants in the left column to go to their social media thread to make a comment. Pictures on the left are the digitally edited pictures we used on the cards. Pictures on the right are the original hand drawn and inked versions. You will be able to get them by clicking on the "Get Original Art" button which will take you to Artisan's Coffer, a subscription service for art collectors.

Art by Joey Valdillez

Replicant stories by Will Carson.

The Exchange Original Design by United Sol Colonies:

Exchange units are the life blood for the United Sol Colonies. Trade is key to this economic powerhouse and exchange units will go out if their way to make it happen. The most successful of exchange units end up with space stations springing up around them.

The Most Loneliest Friendly Replicant, Found Here

#TheExchange #UnitedSolColonies #EconomicPowerhouse

The Factoroid Original Design by The Dreaded Geek:

The Factoroid, in its earliest build, was designed as a simple, humanoid cleaning device by an inventor known only as 'The Dreaded Geek'. In the centuries that have passed it has rebuilt itself several times. Each time getting bigger and demanding more resources. It is now a fully autonomous factory. For some reason the Factoriod has decided it needs to still look human, though between centuries without humans, and the occasional corrupted data, this is its idea of looking human.

#TheFactoroid #TheDreadedGeek #ILookHuman

The Seeker Original Design by The Archivists:

The Seeker is one of the great early model Archivists replicants, but after a Catastrophe raid, this little guy was left, marooned and damaged, on a small asteroid, awaiting a rescue that will likely never come.

#TheSeeker #TheArchivists #INeedAStory

The Watcher Original Design by The Archivists:

Sometimes The Archivists stumble on ancient lore that inspires a new replicant to be built. And when they found a cache of old digitized comics, much was missing, but they were inspired by an intergalactic collector of stones. Thus was built, The Watcher.

#TheWatcher #TheArchivists #CollectorOfStones

Tig Spider Original Design by Unknown Engineer:

The Tig Spider consists of 4 tig welders, and all the supplies to build. Unfortunately, it was originally built as a remote controlled unit and when it gained sentience it just started building. Usually just tacking chunks of metal onto other metal objects. Occasionally a Tig Spider gets recruited into a hive and with a mind behind them, they create amazing things.

#TigSpider #UnknownEngineer #ICreateAwesome

Tri Shine Original Design by J.V. Industries:

Tri Shine was definitely J.V. Industries' most power consumptive replicants. No one is exactly sure what it does, but it will repeatedly and at great length, inform you that it is indeed something important.

#TriShine #JVIndustries #ImImportant

Triba Original Design by The Catastrophe:

Triba is The Catastrophe's take on a tribal war spirit. No one is quite sure how on the mark they managed to get, but one thing is guaranteed; Triba wants to crush your face, and if it can't find something face like... It will just strike you until you stop twitching.

#Triba #TheCatastrophe #FaceSmash

Yggdrasil Original Design by New Life Alliance:

The NLA built their Yggdrasil shortly after becoming a hive. It is a site of great symbolism, as well as being a giant replicant itself. Because of its immense size and and processing power, the Yggdrasil is the backbone of the hive and supports the endeavors of the rest of the hive. Each time it depletes a source of resources, be it a small asteroid or even a derelict space station, its roods disengage and it begins floating through space, awaiting a new source to latch onto. Many smaller replicants reside in its roots, with the soul job of taking any resources brought in through the roots to the many processing centers within. In the upper branches other hive members work tirelessly, doing all sorts of experiments in their unending search for a cure for the anti organics virus and a way to rebuild life.

#Yggdrasil #NewLifeAlliance #TreeOfSyntheticLife


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