Click on any of our Replicants in the left column to go to their social media thread to make a comment. Pictures on the left are the digitally edited pictures we used on the cards. Pictures on the right are the original hand drawn and inked versions. You will be able to get them by clicking on the "Get Original Art" button which will take you to Artisan's Coffer, a subscription service for art collectors.

Art by Joey Valdillez

Replicant stories by Will Carson.

R3P41R5 Original Design by New Life Alliance:

The antithesis to The Catastrophe's Blendy. R3P41R5's only job is to find broken replicants, place them in its nanite chamber and soon after release them back into the wild, good as, and sometimes better than, new. It's like a conservationist, for replicants.

#R3P41R5 #NewLifeAlliance #FixedLikeNew

Replicant Model 9R-12C Original Design by Mike:

R9-12C is one of the early self replicating replicants created by a rather average and unimaginative guy named Mike; his last name is lost to history. R9 replicates in the basest of ways, by physically building a copy of itself and uploading its programming to the new unit. There are probably thousands if not hundreds of thousands of R9 units today. The R9 "family tree" would be an interesting case study in evolution, if people were around to study it.

#ReplicantModel9R12C #AverageInventorMike #CloneGenealogy

Replicant Model 25B-365E Original Design by Reasonable Fascimile:

In the early days, one of the bigger companies that produced Replicants was Reasonable Fascimile. Their replicants suffered random mutations, but they were able to create them on a ridiculously large scale, and lived by the "quantity over quality" mentality. Their base model replicant was called Model 25B-365E. They weren't a particularly creative company either.

#ReplicantModel25B365E #ReasonableFascimile #QuantityOverQuality

Resource Extractor Original Design by Simple Mining Organization Group:

The S.M.O.G Resource Extractor definitely has a case of crazy eye going on. But we assure you it's just misunderstood. This resource extractor takes its job quite seriously. When it is not busy extracting resources it prefers to spend its time data linked with replicants of various specialties in order to broaden its horizons and maybe one day join one of the mega hives... The helpers, maybe?

#ResourceExtractor #SMOG #EventualHelper

Resource Extractor 5-Delta Original Design by Steel Toe Industries:

Steel Toe Industries' Resource extractor line comes in many different shapes and sizes and are often times dropped in a new location as an array that mine the entirety of a location like the flesh eating bugs of old, but instead of flesh, other useful materials.

#ResourceExtractor5Delta #SteelToeIndustries #SwarmExtracting

Saccharose Original Design by Danger Mike Corp:

Originally a snack outpost supplied by the Danger Mike junk food empire, Saccharose was programmed to make the best jellybeans for all that came to purchase them. With the eradication of life, the recipes have changed to match the available ingredients. With no one to purchase its goods and perfect now being a level of subjective that will never be realized, Saccharose continues to create. With disappointment it discards its product into the sun and watches its creations burn.

#Saccharose #DangerMikeCorp #JellyBeansForAll

Sentry Original Design by KYS Technologies:

The believed mascot of the Replicants campaign. Look at it. Unassuming, mobile, megaman like blasters for hands. Who wouldn't trust this to keep you safe. I suppose it doesn't matter because everyone and everything it would protect is dead and now Sentries all over the solar system wander aimlessly protecting a vast nothingness.

#Sentry #KYSTechnologies #TrustedHandBlasters

Shark Original Design by Undine Ltd.:

Originally designed as an anti submarine replicant on earth, Sub Hunting Automated Ranged Killer, can launch torpedoes from its mouth, and when that fails that mouth can bite through reinforced steel. When Earth was abandoned by the humans, an Undine Ltd factory was left, not running, but still perfectly functional. Long after life was eradicated a small hive discovered the factory and reactivated it. Sensors showed a few dozen SHARK units roaming the seas, but they were lonely, so the hive put the factory into full production and went to work building a whole slew of other replicants to mimic the once amazing ecosystem of the sea. That hive has since rebranded itself, Undine Ltd, in homage to the company that invented the factory.

#Shark #UndineLtd #MechanicalEcosystem

Smoke Stack Jack Original Design by KYS Technologies:

Smoke Stack Jack is a self winding replicant made for smelting a burning. It once spent 50 years deactivated, until a curious replicant turned its lever and brought it back. S.S.J. has never failed to keep wound again. Bonus, it was like time traveling 50 years into the future.

#SmokeStackJack #KYSTechnologies #StayWoundUp

Solar Fossil Original Design by Texasco Solar:

Texasco Solar was a staunch believer in fossil fuels. Despite moving on to renewable energy, they still believed the solar system needed oil. The Solar Fossil took this belief to the next level. With life eradicated and machines needing sweet sweet oil, the solar powered oil extractor became one of arguably useful replicants of the age of machines. And really, what better in robot life than basking in the sun and literally sucking the past lives out of the earth.

#SolarFossil #TexascoSolar #SolarOilExtraction

Solar Plant 936 Beta Original Design by Trans Universal Power:

Solar Plant 936 Beta is actually a small team of replicants that are linked like a mini hive, but more directly. SP936b is fully self sufficient. It provides the materials it needs by sending its sub parts out to mine them, then uses those to build solar panels for itself and other replicants. When it has mined an area clean, it packs up all of its pieces and moves itself to a new location.

#SolarPlant936Beta #TransUniversalPower #UselessLabor

Solaris Original Design by Texasco Solar:

Texasco Solar, the leading creators of power producing replicants, stumbled upon a great archive from the son of jets. While the data was garbled, they managed to snag some rough plans for what was referred to as the future of tomorrow. Thus was born, Solaris.

#Solaris #TexascoSolar #FutureOfTomorrow

Spybot 001-1 Original Design by 001 Tech:

Where most tech companies start their model numbers low and work their way up, 001 Tech waited until they reached their pinnacle of creation before designating one of their replicants 001-1. And this one has earned it. It has anti grav propulsion, multiband multispectral surveillance capabilities as well as cloaking on all visible and harmonic spectrum. 001 is effectively a combination of a ninja, big brother, and your little sister.

#Spybot0011 #001Tech #UltimateSpy

Spybot 001-6C Original Design by 001 Tech:

001 Tech was a corporation, secretly created by replicants, before the destruction of life. They created spybots of all types, and still do. The amazing part of this is that through dummy corps and shells all over the solar system, no one ever found out that there was no human involvement in the corporation. Understandably, not much changed for 001 Tech after the fall of their human overlords. 001-6C was a relatively early spybot model who roamed the streets when people were still around, a small handful of them still do, though in rough shape.

#Spybot0016C #001Tech #RoughSpy

Spybot 001-128G Original Design by 001 Tech:

Model 128G was built as a region specific model for the expansionist movement. At this point they serve to throw off the sensors of the various hives to protect the resources they have managed to squirrel away. 

#Spybot001128G #001Tech #DedicatedSpy

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