Click on any of our Replicants in the left column to go to their social media thread to make a comment. Pictures on the left are the digitally edited pictures we used on the cards. Pictures on the right are the original hand drawn and inked versions. You will be able to get them by clicking on the "Get Original Art" button which will take you to Artisan's Coffer, a subscription service for art collectors.

Art by Joey Valdillez

Replicant stories by Will Carson.

Data Miner Original Design by Multinational Media Corporation:

The Data Miner used to be a boring tank, thus its build. On one specific deployment to an old compacted electronics space heap, it drilled into a block of ancient hardware and got infected by some M.M.C. nanites that increased its wireless communication power. Now it can still physically be found mining compacted electronics heaps, but simultaneously one may find its virtual self roaming the circuits of the hardware nearby, mining whatever lost info it can find. It should be known that the hard hat is a virtual aesthetic it has picked up, because in the real world, a hard hat on a tank would just be silly.

#DataMiner #MultinationalMediaCorporation #KnowledgeIsPower

Destiel Original Design by Dr. Charles Frances Franciscu:

Dr. Charles Frances Franciscu is an esteemed replicant of the N.L.A. hive with something of a god complex... but really so do pretty much all N.L.A. replicants. Destiel is the first of the arch angel replicants created by the Dr. The Dr. Has stated that inspiration for this archangel, and future archangels, came from a great supernatural archive found deep in one of The Archivists library. The Dr, upon the debut of Destiel stated "this is a great day, the day that I have figuratively resurrected the greatest archangel in human history, and it will set us down the path of literally resurrecting the human race."

#Destiel #DrCharlesFrancesFranciscu #NewLifeAlliance #ThanksArchivists

Destroyer of Worlds Original Design by The Catastrophe:

The Destroyer of Worlds used to be Scientific Exploration and Education Unit L8-r, a cute, treaded, science bot. Then The Catastrophe found it. A few missile launchers, an atomic payload and a neural net scrambling later, nothing is safe. Really, what we are getting at is that nothing is sacred when The Catastrophe is involved.

My Chrysalis by the Replicant Formarly Known as Scientific Exploration and Education Unit L8-r Found here

#DestroyerOfWorlds #TheCatastrophe #NothingIsSacred

Drom Goliath Original Design by The Helpers:

The Helpers have built a great many Drom inspired replicants over the recent centuries, each with its own specialty, and the Goliath is no different. In an age where there is little war, smaller hives often think little on protection, but with The Catastrophe being an ever looming threat, the Goliath is a much needed safeguard. It is a giant sentry posted outside every Helpers cave or structure. The Helpers would say this brings security. The Catastrophe say it provides a beacon for whenever they want a fun fight.

#DromGoliath #TheHelpers #CatastropheBeacon #SpiteLarp

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Drom Harvester Original Design by The Helpers:

Heavily influenced by the Dromanae technology the Helpers spent so long studying, the Harvester was one of the mass produced replicants that helped bring The Helpers to the level of being a mega hive. The Harvesters' primary objective is to collect the base materials needed to continue nanite production. While innocent enough, it's a good thing humans are extinct because just the thought of nanite driven replicant drom would be enough to make most humans want to give up on life.

#DromHarvester #TheHelpers #DromTech #SpiteLarp

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Drom Worker Original Design by The Helpers:

The Drom Workers are the backbone of the Helper's hive. This mass produced unit is used for everything from excavation to construction to inventory control. Luckily, with this legion of Drom inspired replicants, all the help shall be available. Trust us, you'll appreciate it.

#DromWorker #TheHelpers #MassProducedHelp #SpiteLarp

Curious about this Dromanae Storyline? Interested in LARPing? Live in the Pacific NW? Check out

DT Tunneler Original Design by Steel Toe Industries:

The Deep Terrain Tunneler is a monotasking replicant out to make tunnels. This specific tunneler, along with its excavator got stuck when an earthquake collapsed part of their tunnel and a sharp blow knocked out DT's cartography module. Being thermally driven, this pair move their short tunnel ever along, staying deep enough to absorb thermal energies, but not so deep as to flood their tunnel with magma. They are currently 312,957 days into this tunnel and still happily doing their pointless job.

#DTTunneler #SteelToeIndustries #HappilyPointless

Electrosteve Original Design by Big Wheel Tech:

Big Wheel Tech originally designated this unit Electric Trike Model 271 Alpha, but the unit rejected its designation; choosing to go by Electrosteve instead, stating "I may be a machine, but i have personality. I am Electrosteve, and I'll hear no more on the subject" and thus it was decided.

#ElectroSteve #BigWheelTech #ThusItWasDecided

Enlightenment Original Design by Eden Inc:


At Eden Inc. They said "let there be light." And Enlightenment was created. This utility replicant is a must have on any space construction site. With it's prehensile light tentacles, no job is too dark.

#Enlightenment #EdenInc #NoJobTooDark

F5 Original Design by The Creator's Little Sister:

Occasionally nanites infect an archive that inspires them to greatness, and when a swarm of rogue nanites came across one of the Archivists great libraries of human fiction the swarm began to believe that they were the soul of the sister of the great human god. They started by finding a humanoid shell to possess, then went on to bring her to perfection, all the while, driving her to read the great works of her children, the humans. In time she named herself F5 and built herself the great keyboard in the sky. To this day it remains her study, where she sits, hoping to one day find the key to refreshing her sibling's creations.

#F5 #SisterOfGod #Refreshing

G.L.O.O.P. Original Design by KYS Technologies:

Galactic Launcher of Opalescent Orange Plasma is a great destroyer of things, but it can also use its orange plasma to melt things for good. Never mind the the little drips of burning that it leaves in its wake everywhere it goes.

#GLOOP #KYSTechnologies #DripsOfBurning

Germination Requisition Investment Moderator Original Design by Eden Inc:

Short for Germination Requisition Investment Moderator, GRIM resides in a state to match its acronym. Built while humans were still terraforming anything they could, GRIM was a workhorse, but now it just wanders around occasionally tilling the most barren of soils.

#GRIM #EdenInc #UselessLabor

Hyperdrive Original Design by J.V. Industries:

Communications replicant turned light speed transport. Like all J.V. Industries replicants, this is the best at what it does... the way it does it. Since communications technology is limited to light speed, Hyperdrive takes any information it needs to transmit, travels to the location and then does so. Ta da, FTL communications.

#Hyperdrive #J.V.Industries #FTLCommunication

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