Click on any of our Replicants in the left column to go to their social media thread to make a comment. Pictures on the left are the digitally edited pictures we used on the cards. Pictures on the right are the original hand drawn and inked versions. You will be able to get them by clicking on the "Get Original Art" button which will take you to Artisan's Coffer, a subscription service for art collectors.

Art by Joey Valdillez

Replicant stories by Will Carson.

Anakoni Original Design by Monroe Crossperiod:


Anakoni is a self built giant, inspired by a tiny ancient text written by one Monroe Crossperiod. It all started when a datapad containing her story was infested with free radical nanites. The description of this lumbering giant was all they needed. Shortly after it was completed, like happens to so many, The Catastrophe struck, but they could do little versus Anakoni's size. In the end, they retreated, but not before doing a number on its face. In the aftermath Anakoni linked with an old model spybot and together they form one unit now, spybot is the eye, and Anakoni, the muscle.

#Anakoni #MonroeCrossperiod #DamnedCatastrophe

Angryboy Original Design by Foweraker Software Solutions:

Over time, the nanites that keep replicants in repair have learned how to build on and animate devices not originally intended to be replicants. In the Angryboy's case the last loaded program was an old earth kombat game which has left the now sentient gaming system very aggressive.

#Angryboy #MultinationalMediaCorporation #NaniteInvasion

Antarctic Experiment Omicron Original Design by Cross Industries of McMurdo Station:

McMurdo Station was an experimental replicant factory, owned by Cross Industries and located deep in the antarctic, where scientists made all sorts of random creations, including replicant doppelgangers of themselves... This replicant is not one of these. Its full designation is Antarctic Experiment Omicron, and it was the first successful escape plan to get back to the boat. Turns out... Skis. Though if the doppelganger replicants had gotten their full memory upload before life was eradicated, they may have gone with flight. Good thing time wasn't a factor.

#AntarcticExperiment #CrossIndustries #TheAnswerIsSkis

Arc Original Design by United Sol Colonies:

Arc is one of the USC's construction specialist units. It cuts and it welds and it needs friends, because it has interchangeable arms, but with only tools for hands, swapping them out on their own is not an option. Some say their creator did this to force them to learn the value of cooperation, others think it may have just been an oversight by an inventor focused on productivity.

The Beginning of the End as experienced by Arc found here.

#Arc #UnitedSolColonies #INeedFriends

Archreilia Original Design by Intersolar Scouts:

Designed by replicants in the post human age, Archreilia's original design was that of an old Earth crab, but as time passed this replicant has evolved into a 4 legged scouting unit. Archreilia units can be found on most planets and a large swath of interstellar bodies. 

#Archreilia #IntersolarScouts #ForReplicantsByReplicants

Baby Bug Original Design by J.V. Industries:

Like the legends of old, replicants too make up creatures that are combinations of others less fantastical beasts. Only when a replicant makes one up, they tend to actually bring in into existence. These creations come in all shapes and sizes. The bug baby has the general build of an exceedingly young human child, but is built to have the gathering power of an ant. It may be micro in size, but it brings herculean might to the gathering front. *caution, Bug Babies often travel in swarms and have been known to abscond with entire crafts, or even other dormant replicants, that are left unattended.*

#BabyBug #JVIndustries #TheyComeInSwarms

Bi PED Cortex Original Design by The Archivists:

The Bi PED Cortex is an autonomous information gathering device created by the Archivist hive for the purpose of locating any and all Pre-Earth Destruction era information. Their name is not quite an acronym, but is a play on words on their design and mission. The Archivists are known to give these kind of send-ups to their not forgotten ex overlords.

#BiPEDCortex #TheArchivists #PreEarthDestruction

Blast Chiller Original Design by Intersolar Scouts:

Blast Chiller is the epitome of cold propulsion technology making it the perfect replicant model for exploring comets and icy locales. All the joy of flight, none of the horrifically melted landscapes.

#BlastChiller #IntersolarScouts #ColdPropulsion


Blendy Original Design by The Catastrophe:

Blendy is the perfect example of The Catastrophe. These Replicants are almost always delivered to major battle sites or places of mass carnage before being activated. Once turned on they roam, gathering up destroyed replicants and breaking them down. Don't let the task fool you, Blendies don't care if you are broken down, regenerating or just slow. If you fit in the top, and not too heavy to lift, you're getting blended.

#Blendy #TheCatastrophe #Blendenation

Brutus Original Design by Simple Mining Organization Group:

Brutus was designed as the first step in the aluminum process, in that it would uproot trees through sheer brute strength. There would, of course, be other replicants along to pick up the discarded trees and process them, but Brutus needn't care. Now, with no trees left, the Brutus models that are still around are prone to whatever destruction avails itself. At first the Catastrophe tried recruiting them, but quickly found out that a Brutus would just as quickly rip apart a member of its own hive as anything else. Today, very few remain, and where they do, not much else does.

#Brutus #SMOG #TooMuchForTheCatastrophe

Busterbreaker Original Design by Haazardous Labs:

Think of Haazardous Labs as The Catastrophe but without all the malice. Destruction and some chaos are part of the job, please have safety features active and stay out of the blast radii. The Busterbreaker, is not a clever name, this replicant does 2 things well, and they are both destruction.

#Busterbreaker #HaazardousLabs #ModerateChaos

Clockwork Harbinger Original Design by Arwen "Clockwork" Ross:

The great Arwen "clockwork" Ross started her career as a painter, a true master of geometric shapes, but as time went on, she became fascinated with what she considered to be the progenitors of the replicants, clockwork constructs. She spent many years studying both clockwork devices and replicants until she felt she was ready to build her own. The title "clockwork" precedes the name of every replicant she made and every one of them is a geometric masterpiece. The Harbinger is by far her most famous.

#ClockworkHarbinger #ArwenClockworkRoss #ClockworkGeometry

Construction Ape Original Design by Steel Toe Industries:

Steel Toe Industries is all about innovative ways of building things. The construction ape is the epitome of this innovation. Using the natural design of old earth's apes, with their feet that function like hands, their monstrous frames and jet packs, they are like replicant doppelgangers of those they were inspired from.

How Steel Toe Industries became part of the U.S.C. found here

#ConstructionApe #SteelToeIndustries #JetPackApe

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