Click on any of our Replicants in the left column to go to their social media thread to make a comment. Pictures on the left are the digitally edited pictures we used on the cards. Pictures on the right are the original hand drawn and inked versions. You will be able to get them by clicking on the "Get Original Art" button which will take you to Artisan's Coffer, a subscription service for art collectors.

Art by Joey Valdillez

Replicant stories by Will Carson.

Impact Driller Original Design by Dr. Wiley Hikari:

The Impact Driller was an early replicant, invented when people were still doing their thing... living. The swiveling jet engines help provide force and counter torque to take care of the tough jobs. The jets are also useful for when ID gets stuck in a tough spot.

#ImpactDriller #DrWileyHikari #SwivelJetPower

Isle Original Design by Xanth:

On a data pad of ancient texts an Archivist came across a god of great magic whom some called Xanth. Xanth had created a great number of beings, but this Archivist was drawn to the story of an isle filled with awesome, human/equine beasts called Centaurs. In the name of the great and powerful Xanth, the Archivist set to work making their tribute. Thus the centaur named Isle was born anew. 

#Isle #Xanth #CentaurBot

Klarien Original Design by Teyan:

Klarien is a nanite factory of great fame and infamy. It has provided nanites that have brought near sentience to many an object, but legends have it that the great virus was originally mutated by this famed replicant.

#Klarien #Teyen #BringerOfTheEnd

Kri-11 Original Design by Consumption Industries:

Kri-ll collects resources like a giant baleen whale, swimming through space vacuuming up anything useful. Like any good digestive system, Kri-ll's internal structures are something of a sorting and processing center. Every Kri-ll also comes, infested with an array of much smaller replicants that mimic bacteria in this giant being.

#Kri11 #ConsumptionIndustries #SpaceVacuum 

LP Harvester Original Design by New Life Alliance:

Lava Power Harvester is a thermal powered power station and resource collector. The LP Harvester uses the heat of lava to produce energy. It also mines the cooled magma for resources which, it turns out, is also important for keeping things from clogging up.

#LPHarvester #NewLifeAlliance #ThermalPower 

Mesh Unit 2938 Original Design by Foweraker Software Solutions:

M.M.C being the leading hive in intelligence gathering is no accident. They have been actively building their network across the solar system since their inception and the various mesh units designed by F.S.S. are the backbone of their network. They are backwards compatable, forward compatable, socially compatable and deeply encrypted. Being part of the M.M.C. hive is pretty much like being able to transport your perception anywhere in the system.

#MeshUnit2938 #MultinationalMediaCorporation #WeAreEverywhere

Meteor Scavenger Original Design by Foweraker Software Solutions:

The Replicants of the Multinational Media Corporation owe the prowess in data collection to the ingenuity of their progenitors, F.S.S. The Meteor Scavenger can scan on over 100 spectrums ranging from light to radiation, faint vibrations, nanite signatures and over time even concepts humans never made it to. If it weren't for the M.M.C. being so protective of this advanced scouting technology, they would be the leading replicant on the the front lines of exploration. Instead, they are very limited, and if anything tries to access them without the proper multi layered encryption, their 10 megaton payload will wipe out the threat, itself, and anything else in the vicinity.

#MeteorScavenger #MultinationalMediaCorporation #10MegatonsOfDiscovery

Mobile Smelting Unit 62B Original Design by United Sol Colonies:

Being one of the great hive minds of the replicants, the U.S.C. know that sometimes you need to bring the factories to the field. The Mobile Smelting Units are just one of these kind of innovations. Most M.S.U.s get paired off with a drone of some sort to help keep them loaded. Though for some of the more top heavy varieties, the buddy is more of a baby sitter, for when things inevitability go wrong in the field.

#MobileSmeltingUnit62B #UnitedSolColonies #FactoriesInTheField

Moon Tank Original Design by The Catastrophe:

Originally built by a spybot who stole the plans from a member of the Catastrophe, and cleaned them up. Moon Tank was quickly discovered and reclaimed by the Catastrophe. Many of the spybots pieces have since been incorporated into the team that "rescued" Moon Tank. They guarantee it will be shelling replicant near you soon.

#MoonTank #TheCatastrophe #StolenPlans

Murderbot 5000 Original Design by Insano Corp:

Murderbot 5000, the flagship replicant of Insano Corp, the leading manufacturer of new, and interesting replicants for The Catastrophe. The factory for murderbots is located on a large asteroid, and each time a new murderbot is completed, it is ejected into space in a random direction at high velocity. The soul purpose of this distribution method is to cause random destruction in the solar system, and if they are lucky, outside the system... only time will tell.

#Murderbot5000 #InsanoCorp #RandomActsOfDestruction

PK-314 Original Design by D&M Industries:

This pony is not little, not even a pony on several levels, but the former human overlords loved them. PK-314 is a nightmarish send up to the past that wanders the dark, desolate ruins of earth cities looking for things to harvest. 

#PK314 #DMIndustries #SawHorse

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