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All card art done by James Bolinger.

Icon Art and card elements by Cole Munro-Chitty

Odin's Starter Kit

Realm: Valhalla

Holy Site: Hlidskjalf

Unlike the other Gods, Odin did not sleep away the passing millennia. He sat atop Hlidskjalf watching the world in all its intricacies, passing the time until the waking of the gods. For Ragnarok can not come to pass until after the gods of all ages awaken and vie for the allegiance of the masses. Only when the shrines have grown tall and all are believers in the might of the gods... Only then, will Ragnarok come. He has seen others rise from their slumber and now he too must return to the world below to restore glory to the Halls of Valhalla. Then, he will don his Ragnarok Armor and face Fenrir in an epic battle to the death.

The Realm protectorate for Valhalla allows you to move opponents who would fight you, to an empty space in Valhalla. They treat this new location as the space they stopped their movement in, and gain a shrine. This can cause you to lose the Realm Protectorate Card for Valhalla.

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Shrine Defender, Einherjar

"Those who fight alone." In life, these were the greatest of warriors. Those that caught the eye of a Valkyrie and were brought to Valhalla upon their death. Until recently they spent their time in the great feast hall, drinking and telling stories of old, but now that the gods are reawakening, they know they will soon be called upon to defend the shrines of the Allfather. And they will defend like only a dead warrior can.

Though they have wasted away in Valhalla for far too long, these dead warriors are still relentless. As long as they remain standing they will remain fighting and heaven help you if those blasted Ravens are near by. As believers in gods as a whole, if they are defending a larger shrine, they can also draw upon the power of other Gods' shrines as well. So keep your distance if you don't want to make them even more powerful.

#OdinAwakened #MythoiDefender #Einherjar


Champion, Huginn & Muninn

Huginn & Muninn leave Odin's side every morning. Every night they return to inform him of everything they saw across all of Midgard. These magical birds are more than just informants though. They are intelligent, understand and speak the languages of man and, are Odin's most trusted confidants. On the field of battle they can hold their own, but their real skill is as a guide in battle because sometimes a warning is better than armor and a hint is better than a sword.

These birds will use the skies to their advantage. They can find useful things out on the battlefield and flit from place to place, talons ready to rake out your eyes. But their real strength is knowing when to bug out and call in backup.

#OdinAwakened #MythoiChampion #HuginnAndMuninn


Item, Draupnir


Forged by the dwarves, Eitri and Brokk as a gift for Odin as part of a bet between themselves and Loki. Like many rings forged by the dwarves, this had a magical power. Draupnir's magical power was that on every ninth night, 8 gold rings of equal weight and brightness would drip out of the ring. In time this would make the owner very wealthy. Odin left the ring upon Baldr's funeral pyre only to receive it back as a gift some time later by Hemrod, the messenger god who had gone to the underworld to try to bring Baldr back to the land of the living.

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Item, Ragnarok Armor


When Heimdall sees Loki approaching with a hoard of Jotun upon his ship Naglfar, he will sound his horn, Ghallarhorn. At that time the gods will prepare for their final battle, Ragnarok. Odin will don his Ragnarok Armor, arm himself with his spear, Gungnir, and mount his eight legged stead, Sleipner. Ready for battle he will lead the charge into Ragnarok and ultimately die in the powerful jaws of Fenrir.


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Item, Sword of Gram

During the wedding feast of Signy, an old cloaked man entered the hall carrying a sword, strode up to the Barnstokkr tree growing in the middle of the hall and thrust the sword deep into its trunk. Little did anyone know, the old man was Odin, cloaked in his disguise. With all attention now on him he spoke  “The man to pull out this sword from the trunk shall receive it from me as a gift and he will find out for himself that he never bore in hand a better sword than this.” Everyone attending the wedding tried and failed to pull the sword, until finally Signy's brother Sigmund attempted, and drew the sword with ease.

#OdinAwakened #OdinsArtifacts #SwordOfGram


Spell, Cloak of Disguise

Many believe that the wanderer's cloak that Odin wears when he travels to Midgard is to disguise him from the masses, but the cloak is only a simple tool to protect him from the elements and the cold. In truth, the disguise is provided by the magical runes carved into the clasp that keeps the cloak fastened.

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Spell, Gungnir

A spear made by the dwarves known as the sons of Ivaldi. Given to Loki, in scribed with magical runes by Sigurd, and carried into Ragnarok by Odin to face off with Fenrir.

#OdinAwakened #OdinsSpells #Gungnir


Spell, Odin's Eye

Odin traveled to the great ash tree on the edge of Jotunheim, in search the home of Mimir and his well that held the waters of True Wisdom. Upon finding it, and requesting a draw from the well, Mimir told Odin that he would only allow a drink if Odin would give up his right eye. After weighing the cost, his eye which could see a single bird, miles away on a clear day, in trade for the knowledge of all things, past, present and future, Odin decided the knowledge was well worth just one of his two eyes. Without hesitation and with searing pain, he ripped out his own eye and dropped it into the well. His sacrifice was not in vain, for from that moment on, Odin was the all seeing father of Asgard. He who knew all things, past, present and future.


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