Naughty Word Play




  • Everyone alternates rolling the die

  • The roller rolls the die 3 times total coming up with different letter each time.

  • The players write down each letter in order

  • One of the letters can be used as someones name who is playing

  • The 30 second timer begins after the 3rd letter is determined

  • If a wild or free shows up on the die the players can make up any word they want

  • The players have 30 seconds to get as fun, creative, and dirty as possible to come up with three words each beginning with the letters shown

  • Everyone puts the pencils down and puts their paper upside down in the middle

  • The roller reads them all out loud and selects his/her favorite 3

  • The players vote clockwise on their favorite of the 3

  • If there is a tie the roller chooses the winner

  • The roller sits out the round when they roll

  • The spelling of the word does not have to be correct as long as the first letter of the word is accurate

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