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All card art done by James Bolinger.

Icon Art and card elements by Cole Munro-Chitty


Spell: Dispel

With the Gods reawoken magic has burst back onto the scene in a frightening way. While Dispel doesn't do much on its own it is definitely the most versatile defense in the book. It is great for stopping pesky effects but where its real power lies is locking in a win in battle. All the gods know that even the best laid plans can be destroyed with a last minute spell, and the ability to shut that down can be invaluable.


Spell: Empower 

While not a cheap spell, Empower draws upon the faithful to build bigger initial shrines than normal. This pays off two fold, first by increasing a god's influence in the world faster. Secondly bigger shrines draw more of the proletariat, which means more potential followers to pledge their allegiance to that god every time they visit the realm.


Spell: Fireball

Pure unchecked power. In its early stage the fireball was designed to deliver a surprise attack in battle, and to be fair it is still very useful in that way. But as gods spent more time playing with fire some realized that this spell is also a great deterrent. Occasionally a god will cast this spell before they start traveling, letting the fireball hang in the air above them, waiting to strike anything that threatens them, or even just the first thing they pick a fight with. Sometimes the best way to win a fight is to burn the opponent before they have a chance to equip.


Spell: First Strike

Everyone knows that Initiative can be all that matters in a fight. Strike first, kill your opponent, stand victorious. That is what this spell is all about, but sometimes striking first isn't enough. The gods have learned more powerful versions of this spell which not only allow them to strike first, but to also nullify a target's flight, or even strike twice.


Spell: Haste

Whether being used to move faster through the world or to gain initiative in a fight haste does one thing well, and that is provide celerity both in and out of battle.


Spell: Landshift

Simple, but elegant. Landshift is great for adding a touch of another realm to a space. At first glance it's not much of a spell, but a god can change the element of a space they are going to land in, in order to make life easier on the creature they plan to summon, or it can be used to add an element to a space they already have a shrine in, in order to give them influence in another realm. Either way, Landshift is a subtle way for a god to shape the world to their liking.


Spell: Plague

Quite possibly the most wicked of spells, Plague allows one god to target any god, including themselves, to bring ruin to a space, it's surroundings or even an entire realm, killing the faithful, damaging shrines and even felling the smallest of shrines in the area. Wielded lightly, plague can turn the tides of a realm. Wielded with a heavy hand plague can send a realm back to the dark ages.


Spell: Shield

The response to fireball. Shield is the exact spell opposite of Fireball. Instead of causing unbridled damage it provides equally powerful defense. Perfect for that last minute survival as a defender, or even that touch of defense to keep an otherwise kamikaze attacker alive to reap the benefits of their attack.


Spell: Silk Road 

Versatility is a god's greatest assistant. Nothing about Silk Road is powerful, but its utility can not be denied. It can be used to shift the element of the space around it, to place a toll gate to impede other gods traveling the path, or even to open a rift between realms. Depending on what a god needs at any given moment, the Silk Road can provide many things.

Spell: Slow

Originally created to be the answer to Haste, but some gods have gotten it into their head to use slow not to effect others, but to give themselves more controlled, albeit slower, movement.

Spell: Summon Mists

A strong illusory and compulsory spell, great for getting an opponent lost in their travels. These mists are all in the mind of their target, but they are dense, bringing visibility to zero. Often seen in the target as them having cloudy eyes. When under the influence of this mist the target is compelled to keep moving ever forward unless something is in their path.


Spell: Unseen Traveler

The primary reason for traveling through the realms is to be seen. Being seen causes familiarity with the masses. That, in turn commands their allegiance and fuels the god's magic. The target of this spell goes unnoticed as they travel, still allowing them to build up their shrines, but not allowing the proletariat to notice them, pledge their allegiance and lend strength to the god's magic.


Spell: Upheaval

The ultimate in defense spells when it comes to powerful shrines. On smaller shrines this spell is on par with Shield, but when used for defending creatures at larger shrines, no spell will provide more safety than this.


Spell: Wanderlust

The primary reason for traveling through the realms is to be seen, and wanderlust makes sure the target is seen by all. While under the influence of wanderlust, the proletariat will flock to a god and swear their allegiance. Wanderlust is a great way for a god to swell their power, especially if they know they will be crossing multiple realms in their upcoming travels.


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