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All god and card art done by James Bolinger.

Icon Art and card elements by Cole Munro-Chitty.

Awoken Pantheons



Unphased by the changes of time and mankind that occurred during her long sleep, she turns to the Seidr to determine how to proceed. She follows the threads of fate, goes about rebuilding Fensalir, and heads off into the realms, her distaff in hand, to work her magic and raise the spirit of realms and creatures around her, her Valkyries ever at her side.




Centuries have passed, and no one knows how many more, if any, will pass before Ragnarok will come to pass. When it does, the All Father will be ready.


Without hesitation, when he reawakened, he mounted Sleipnir and set to traveling again, perfectly at home wandering the realms in search of knowledge, and gathering followers wherever he goes.




The  father god of Shinto has awakened to a quiet world. At first he was afraid his dearly beloved Izanami had awoken before him and followed through on her promise to kill 1000 people a day, but thankfully that was not the case. His allegiance had waned as he slept, but that is nothing that can't be fixed through battle and travel. With Ame-no-Nuboko in hand and his bag of tricks he will do what he can to keep Izanami at bay while also rebuilding his following.




The mother goddess of Shinto. The long sleep has done nothing to ease her anger over the betrayal at the hands of her former lover and co world creator, Izanagi. Her rage will be felt across the realms. Humans will die and join her ranks a thousand at a time all the while her Shozuka-no-Baba will haunt the dreams of their children. She will prove her influence extends beyond the confines of Yomi and there is nothing Izanagi can do to stop her.




Storm god of kingship, agriculture and abundance to the Sumerians. while not the father god of the Sumerian pantheon he was often considered the most important. Now that he is back he plans to travel the realms and gain allegiance through travel and recognition of the masses. Where his shrines spring up The Haunted masses flock to protect them and at his side a Living Storm brews, ready to bring destruction down upon those that seek to block his path.




Known as the Queen of Heaven, Goddess of Desire, War and Political Power. Inanna is not the mother god of the mythos but her rise through the ranks left her as one of the most promenent gods in the Sumerian Pantheon. Her hubris got her in to trouble, but her strength and cunning got her back out every time. With those traits, her battle regalia and her Holy Lion steed she plans to take over as many realms as possible now that she has reawakened. And with the enchanted armies of Sargon protecting her newly constructed shrines, chances are good she will one day reign again.


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