Mythoi Reawakening

Mythoi (n) - Plural form of Mythos: the stories and beliefs pertaining to a specific mythology


The premise of this game is that you play one of 6 Gods (Odin, Frigg, Izanami, Izanagi, Inanna or Enlil. The Mother/Father Gods of the Norse, Shinto and Sumerian Pantheons). You have just woken up from a long and deep slumber. Your life blood, the allegiance of your followers, has faded over the centuries that you spent sleeping and now you need to prove that you are worthy of their allegiance.

You will spend the game moving through various realms, building shrines, gathering allegiance and battling the other gods using beasts from various mythoi with the aim of ending the game with the most presence (total shrine levels) in as many of the realms as possible.

We will be releasing new lore on social media, with art from the game, on a near daily basis which can be found on our Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr accounts. It will also be updated at the same time on this site, just click on any of the menu buttons above the Mythoi Reawakening title towards the top of the page. All of the pictures will link back to the FB thread for that card/character allowing for easy interaction with us on the individual parts of the game.

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