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All card art done by James Bolinger.

Icon Art and card elements by Cole Munro-Chitty

Izanami's Starter Kit

Realm: Yomi

Holy Site: Izanami's Mansion

While giving birth to their son, the fire god Kagutsuchi, Izanami suffered terrible burns, which she eventually succumbed to and died. Izanagi buried her on Mt. Hiba and her soul sank down into Yomi, the underworld.

Izanami's Story 2 of 9

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The Realm protectorate for Yomi makes all of your Call to Arms Cards count as Underworld cards in Yomi.

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Shrine Defender, Yakusa-no-Ikazuchi

There were eight angry Yakusa-no-Ikazuchi, thunder gods, surrounding her, at the edge of the illumination, but their anger paled in comparison to the anger that Izanami expressed at Izanagi's betrayal.


Izanami's Story 6 of 9

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These thunder gods will wall you in, surround you and exact a toll, and that is if you are lucky to find them at a small shrine. At the larger shrines, their presense will leave you shaking, unable to draw your weapon or even use that clever bauble you have in your pocket.

#IzanamiAwakened #MythoiDefender #YakusaNoIkazuchi


Champion, Shozuka-no-Baba

In her betrayed rage, she sent her Shozuka-no-Baba after her wretched husband. These fierce hags are the things nightmares are made of, known for torturing bad children at the river banks. Little did Izanami know that their anger was second to their hunger. So when her husband threw various foods to delay them, they couldn't help but stop to gobble them up before continuing their chase, but the delays proved to long and Izanagi escaped, closing off the entrance to Yomi

Izanami's Story 8 of 9

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Shozuka-no-Baba is a hag that even the denizens of Yomi dare not cross. While she is not the worst nightmare outside of the underworld, don't get too comfortable. For soon your safe home may end up part of her realm, and then there is no helping the persistant fear she will bring you.

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Item, Izanami's Maggots


Time passed, Izanagi got to the point where he could wait no longer. He snapped a tooth off of his comb and created a torch of it. Torch in hand, he ventured deep into Yomi in search of his beloved wife. When he happened upon her, he saw her hood down. Startled by the light, she turned to face him. Her flesh was rotten and maggots crawled from her eyes, nose and mouth, they were all over her body as well.


Izanami's Story 5 of 9

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Item, Plumbs of the Underworld


Saddened by his loss, Izanagi decided to go to Yomi to bring Izanami back from the underworld, so that they may finish creating the world, Izanami replied "I can not return with you for I have already eaten of these plumbs. But, since you have come all this way, I will talk with the lord of this land. I will try to convince bim, but you must wait here and whatever you do, do not gaze upon me."

Izanami's Story 3 of 9

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Item, Undead Disguise

As she walked away, Izanagi waited patiently, wondering to himself why she told him not to gaze upon her, for clearly she was his beautiful wife. The disguise she wore as she stood in the shadows, talking to him, hid the truth of the underworld's effect on her.


Izanami's Story 4 of 9

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Spell, Birth of the Land

At Izanagi's side, the two gods used Ame-no-Nuboku together to stir the oceans. This stirred up the primordial soup from which life would spring. As the water dripped from the great spear, land sprang forth at the location of each drop, creating the first islands.


Izanami's Story 1 of 9

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Spell, Death

Scorned, Izanami yelled through the Ifuya Boulder that locked her in her realm "You, husband, who have wronged me. I will kill one thousand of your beloved people every day to make you pay for your deeds."


Izanami's Story 9 of 9

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#IzanamiAwakened #IzanamisSpells #Death


Spell, Lights Out

Izanami saw a moment of terror on her lover's face as he dropped his torch and ran into the darkness to escape the horrors that surrounded his wife.

Izanami's Story 7 of 9

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