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All card art done by James Bolinger.

Icon Art and card elements by Cole Munro-Chitty

Izanagi's Starter Kit

Realm: Onogoro

Holy Site: Ame-no-Mihashira


After having rested for more than a millennia, Izanagi arose and went to inspect the Heavenly Pillar Ame-no-Mihashira. He was saddened by the disrepair of the pillar, but more so, he was worried that Izanami had awoken before him and kept her promise of killing a thousand people a day had decimated mankind. Setting out across Onogoro, he could feel the ever malingering rage of his wife, and people were indeed dying, but she had also only just awoken, so he immediately set to work creating 1500 people a day to more than offset the destruction his wife was causing, but he knew this work alone would not be enough. As he tirelessly works, he has also set out on a journey across the realms to gather the masses of the proletariat, rebuild his shrines, and put a stop to the madness of Izanami and any other god who might get in his way.

The Realm protectorate for Onogoro gives you 1 Bolster Defense Token each time you are involved in a fight in Onogoro.

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Shrine Defender, Kami

Spirits of many things. These Kami will appear anywhere a shrine has been erected to Izanagi in order to feed upon the praise given. While a Kami believing you come peacefully to give praise to Izanagi and his shrine will treat you kindly; A Kami who believes you come with malice for these holiest of monuments, will show you no mercy.

At smaller shrines these warrior spirits will snap you in two before you even realize you are in a fight. But the ones guarding larger shrines are much worse. They will your followers to the safety of your shrine, then turn around and lay waste to you and your minions the moment the doors have shut behind those who once believed in you. 

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Champion, Kappa

Also known as a River Child, the Kappa is a tortoise like, flesh eating, water deity not much bigger than a child. They will attack large creatures, as well as people, dragging them into the water, drowning them and sucking out their innards, leaving nothing but the empty husk of the victim. If you ever find yourself face to face with a Kappa, bow deeply. Most Kappa are courteous and will return the bow. If they do, their strength giving liquid will spill from the indentations at the top of their head, they will grow weak and retreat back into their watery home.

If the coureous bow fails and the Kappa believes you mean its master harm, be weary of its poisonous claws and hope you have the strength to take it down. If you manage to kill your foe, word will spread far and wide and those once following Izanagi will abandon him to follow you, the mighty Kappa slayer.

#IzanagiAwakened #MythoiChampion #Kappa


Item, Ame-no-Nuboko


This great artifact is the jeweled spear that Izanagi and Izanami dipped into the ocean to create the first lands. As the ocean waters dripped off of the tip of the spear, islands sprang forth, the first being Onogoro.


#IzanagiAwakened #IzanagisArtifacts #AmeNoNuboko


Item, Ame-no-Ohabari


The "Ten Span Sword" or "sword of Takamagahara with blades on both sides of the tip" is the weapon used by Izanagi to kill his offspring, the fire kami, Kagutsuchi. But from the blood dripping off of this sword came more kami of thunder, fire and sword smithing.


#IzanagiAwakened #IzanagisArtifacts #AmeNoOhabari


Item, Ifuya Boulder

Angered by Izanagi's continual evasion of her minions, Izanami set after him herself, but Izanagi spied a great boulder and closed up the entrance to Yomi, trapping her inside. From the other side of the boulder she spat with rage "for the shame you have caused me, every day I will kill one thousand inhabitants of this world you cherish so much.” To which Izanagi replied, “If you do that, I will create one thousand five hundred people every day.”

Story starts for Izanagi here.


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Spell, Block the Path


Izanami sent Thunder Kami after Izanagi to stop him before he got away from Yomi , but just outside the entrance of the cave he found a peach tree, picked the fruit and threw them deep inside. The Thunder Kami retreated after them, unable to resist. Then Izanagi set to searching for a way to block off the path to the underworld.

Continue forward with the story.

Story starts for Izanagi here.


#IzanagiAwakened #IzanagisSpells #BlockThePath


Spell, Izanagi's Comb

Soon after having left the Hags behind, they began to gain on him again. The fruit did not delay them nearly long enough for him to escape the underworld. So Izanagi snapped off a tooth from his comb and threw it behind him. Bamboo shoots burst from the ground and once again the Hags stopped to feast on the fresh food never afforded them in the Underworld.

Continue forward with the story.

Story starts for Izanagi here.


#IzanagiAwakened #IzanagisSpells #IzanagisComb


Spell, Izanagi's Fruit

As Izanagi ran from the Hags of the Underworld he threw his hairband behind him and it grew into a wild grapevine. Distracted by the lush grapes the Hags stopped to gorge themselves upon the fresh fruit, buying Izanagi time to get away.


In reference to the intersecting story with Izanami's story when he sees her face in Yomi.

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