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All card art done by James Bolinger.

Icon Art and card elements by Cole Munro-Chitty

Inanna's Starter Kit

Realm: Uruk

Holy Site: Eanna

Woken from her slumber, nestled comfortably in her lavish bed, deep in her temple Eanna, Inanna ambles tiredly into the streets of her beloved Uruk, expecting to be greeted by her cult. Instead she sees the desolate ruins of her once thriving city. Her tiredness is quickly replaced with rage, a great fuel she has used to triumph in many a battle. Her blood lust stoked, she heads back into her temple, gathers her Battle Regalia, calls upon her Holy Lion steed and sets out to wage war on the realms and show those with faded allegiance why it was she who grew to be most revered of the Sumerian goddesses. Yes, a fight should prove good for rebuilding the might and prestige of Uruk. Armies will flock or armies will fall, but in the end Inanna will rise to the top again.

The Realm protectorate for Uruk allows you to trade one of the cards in your hand for a random card from an opponent each time you gain the Realm Protectorate Card. You may choose not to trade a card if you wish, but if you choose to you must take what you get. May not take a Decoy or Champion card.

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Shrine Defender, Sargon's Army

Sargon, once saved by Inanna from execution, later became King of Akkad and later still, celebrated his conquest of Uruk. He even called himself the overseer of Inanna. He was sorely mistaken in thinking himself so important.

Inanna, letting him forget he once knew her, invited herself into the arrogant king’s hall. Not a guard stood against her, each paralyzed with desire, as she approached the king. “Oh great king of Akkad, oh magnificent overseer.” She stated with a smirk as she gazed deep into his eyes. “Lend me your army to do my bidding until my goals are met.” Then she pressed against him and whispered in his ear, “and when I have achieved what I desire, you may have what you desire.” The deal was sealed with a deep malevolent kiss, that had she wished it, could have stopped his heart.

From that day forth all of Sargon’s army and their descendants have fought unwaveringly to protect her shrines, because, to this day, she still has not achieved her ultimate goal: everything.

This shrine defender has mastered the phalanx, making them better at bolstering either their strength or defense at the last moment. When gathered at higher level shrines they are known to coat their spears with a poison that leaves their opponents weak and less able to defend themselves.

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Champion, Holy Lion

Some say the lion represents Inanna, and some of those would be correct. Lionesses represent Inanna in most respects. They are fierce hunters, and because of them, the pride eats. Unlike those creatures, however, she serves no male. In fact, the great male they serve is Inanna’s own holy mount. A giant lion who knows nothing but fealty for his queen, he would gladly lay down his life for hers, and one day he might. On that day, no one will be prepared to face the wrath she will bring down on all she deems at fault.

The Holy Lion is an agile and able foe. A powerhouse in one moment and a tank in the next. Add to that his ability to protect not only his own lands but neighboring ones as well and this is a champion any god would be proud to have at their side. But this lion doesn't belong to any god, he belongs to Inanna

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Item, Gift of Dates


Inanna loves battle, but she is not reckless. As a goddess of political power, she understands that at times peace is a necessity. Peace brings about many of the other aspects she represents, like love and beauty. Nothing brings peace like the harvest and nothing says truce like fruit, so when Inanna gifted Dates to Uruk and the surrounding lands, no greater peace was known.


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Item, Inanna's Battle Regalia

Any god who truly loves battle knows that even a god must enter the fray properly equipped. A god does not step on the field of battle unarmed and unarmored and inspire an army. They arrive in full regalia, weapon in hand, ready to fight and die with their troops.


Inanna may be invulnerable to mortal weapons, she may be able to stop you with her gaze alone, but if she is to inspire an army, then you’d best believe she will be clad in armor befitting a god, wielding a weapon that inspires terror in the hearts of her opponents. When the battle begins, not one person on the battle field would believe she isn’t all in.


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Item, Mes Tablets

Each tablet is the embodiment of a different aspect of human culture, they cover aspects from tangible skills to complex concepts like: weaving, truth, politics, prostitution, valor, etc. Once belonging to Enki, Inanna received them as a gift that symbolized the passing of power from one goddess to another… Or so she would say. In truth Inanna visited Enki in her temple, got her drunk enough to make bad decisions and convinced her that the Mes Tablets would be a great gift. Enki, in her drunken state, agreed, and gifted Inanna every last tablet. When Enki passed out for the night, Inanna hastily got to Moving the Mes back to Uruk.


#InannaAwakened #InannasArtifacts #MesTablets


Spell, Moving of Mes

After Enki so graciously gifted the Mes to Inanna, Inanna made a hasty retreat down the Euphrates back to Uruk, thus elevating the status of her fair city at the cost of Enki’s Eridu. At first Enki was angry at having been duped, and tried to send waves of monsters after her to retrieve the relics. When the monsters failed, and Inanna made it home safely, Enki made peace with the situation, holding no further grudge with the new queen of heaven.


#InannaAwakened #InannasSpells #MovingOfMes


Spell, Gift of the Warak Vase

Also known as the Uruk Vase, this relic has survived over five thousand years to reunite with Inanna in the current day. To the human eye, it is nothing but a long lived artifact from time gone by, but with just a touch of Inanna’s godly magic, she can pull from it a great many secrets from the past, present, or future.


#InannaAwakened #InannasSpells #GiftOfTheWarakVase


Spell, Fertility of Inanna

It is said that the touch of Inanna made man rise, the breath of Inanna made the plants rise, and where Inanna lay, cities rise. Thus is the Fertility of Inanna.


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