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All card art done by James Bolinger.

Icon Art and card elements by Cole Munro-Chitty

Frigg's Starter Kit

Realm: Fensalir

Holy Site: Frigg's Spinning Room

While she has a seat upon the mighty throne Hlidskjalf, beside her husband Odin, you will most often find her in her own palace, Fensalir. There you will find her most often in her Spinning Room, creating beautiful threads of many colors upon her distaff. But be not fooled, she is not one to be constantly cooped up, toiling away on creating beautiful dress. Her palace is also a great welcoming place to the husbands and wives who led virtuous lives to come and be together once again.

The Realm protectorate for Fensalir allows you to bolster another player in battle when 2 of your opponents are battling in Fensalir. Alternatively in a two player game, you gain bolster 1 for fights in Fensalir.

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Shrine Defender, Valkyries

Though known most prominently as winged women who choose who gets to go to Valhalla, these women have a much darker side. In the heat of battle they are fierce and it is said that before battle you may find a group of them weaving threads of fate, made from the intestines of man, chanting their ominous intent and using malicious magic to ensure the deaths of some, but far worse, guaranteeing that the ones they deem most unworthy survive. 

The proletariat is often in awe of the Valkyries' greatness and flock to follow Frigg in hopes of one day becoming a worthy fallen in their time. At stronger shrines the Valkyries also gain increased battle prowess and a more efficient draw from the proletariat.

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Champion, Eir

Thought to be a Goddess among Valkyries, Eir is a great winged warrior physician who tends to the wounded upon the battlefield and takes the worthy fallen to Valhalla. Whether upon the field of battle, at Frigg's side or sitting on the hill of healing, Lyfjaberg, there is one thing that is known for certain about this champion. She will tend to those in need.

Eir is a healer above all else. She serves to provide assistance to people in need, be it on the battle field or in a clinic.

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Item, Falcon Cloak

One of the cloaks fashioned by Frigg from the plumes of Freya's falcons. These cloaks give the Aesir the ability to fly and shape shift in different ways. This specific cloak hardens the skin of its wearer, keeping them safe even from the ranged danger of arrows and other projectiles.


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Item, Frigg's Distaff

So many a thread has been spun from this Distaff, from formal gowns, to the clouds, and even the threads of fate itself. Due to the labors upon of this famed artifact, shrines will rise and shrines will fall, but all the while our lovely goddess will continue to spin, and spin for all.


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Item, Lady's Bedstraw

Known by many names: Frigg's Grass, Galium Verum, Lady's Bedstraw. Traditionally it would be prescribed as a sedative during childbirth, but a sedative strong enough to dull birthing pains is a strong herb indeed. For the more nefarious and righteous alike, this could have uses from the battlefield to the banquet hall.


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Spell, Blue Skies or Rain Storms

Let it not be forgotten that while Frigg is a weaver of fate, a mother and supporter of fidelity, marriage, and other familial bonds, she is also a sky and weather goddess. Her control of such things has provided the sun and rain that has fed countless worthy families, but they have also brought storms and floods upon those who do not hold her values in high regard. 


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Spell, Oath of all Things

For love of her beautiful child Baldr, Frigg demanded an oath from all things, that they would not harm him. The power of said oath was shown to be of great strength, as demonstrated when all of the Aesir took shots at the young god, and not a weapon harmed him. But there is one small shoot of a tree that Frigg thought too young to demand an oathfrom... Loki learned it's name. With that knowledge came a different story.


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Spell, Seidr

Few are powerful enough to practice the strong magic used to reweave destiny's web. Those women of the Viking Age who could do the magic called Seidr were called Volva, and Frigg was one such practitioner. With this power one can control just about anything that might involve the human condition, and, as you can see, it would be a trivial matter to send you and anyone else on their way.


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