Blood, fire, death, chaos. Our world is crumbling. Can you save humanity from the demon onslaught?

  • Long-form, modern day RPG with innovative card-based combat

  • 4-6 players, including GM

  • Ages 12+

  • 120+ minutes per session

The Catalyst RPG box-set includes a 270-page softcover game manual and 142 action cards. This is everything needed for both players and game masters to launch a Catalyst campaign.

Four Pre-made campaigns available so far..


“I pulled sweet car stunts, I burned demon snake babies, I turned another character into a rolling death ball, and I was only sitting in for the guy who couldn't make it.”

- Christopher

“In our first game, I fought alongside a psychotic lawyer and a barista who, through a twist in fate, could throw people, including customers, with their mind.”

- Ryan


Demon armies have marched through their horrid portals on a genocidal campaign. As if the blood-thirsty monsters were not enough, a plague swept over the lands and claimed nearly every human left standing. Fate gave us control over the mysterious magical forces fueling the demon troops; those of us left may yet survive. Our civilization is ruined, our leaders are dead, and our hope is a fleeting dream.

Humanity needs a catalyst to change their course in this war. Join the tattered remains of our species in this long-form role playing game. Weave a rich story between a game master and a group of survivors in this alternate-present reality. Embody compelling characters with Catalyst’s classless character system. Engage in tense battles with our unique card-based combat. Attempt to save the world or just live to see the next day.


What makes Catalyst different?




Catalyst's demon invasion is set in our world and during our time. You are not fighting on another planet; you are battling in your country. Instead of trekking through the Elf Forest, you are fleeing Denver through the Rocky Mountains looking for safe haven.


Your group's favorite bar becomes the resistance's meeting point and the ornate church down the street is the headquarters of a demon-worshiping cult. The magic brought by the demons blends with the technology of modern humanity; survive in your city however you can.




Combat is card-based:

Everyone in Catalyst simultaneously chooses a card representing their action,

creating tension at every moment.

Do you lash out with your knife and leave yourself open?

Do you try to dodge, knowing the enemy is near-death, but a crossbow bolt from a single demon will end your life?

Do you cast a powerful spell at a foe, betting on your quicker ally stunning them with deft crowbar hit?  


Revel in correctly reading the mind of your opponent or think up an impromptu backup plan when your friend unexpectedly runs away.


Be the character you want.

Catalyst has no classes or professions.


You decide who your character was before the demon invasion and what they become.

Save the world as an autistic drug dealer with divination magic; a wannabe action hero who can throw foes with their mind; or a smooth talking frat bro able to cloak himself in darkness.


Be the person the demons will learn to fear.

“[The card system] ends up making combat very smooth, as players as forced to decide all at once what they are going to do. It can also lead to some humorous outcomes as they may be trying to complete different outcomes at the same time.”

- Review

“The canon the game provides gives just enough structure for the game master to work with, but it's still open ended enough to be different every time.”

- Kevin Wood

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