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All card art done by James Bolinger.

Icon Art and card elements by Cole Munro-Chitty

Enlil's Starter Kit

Realm: Nippur

Holy Site: Ekur

Nestled in the heart of Nippur, is a holy temple dedicated to Enlil. In ancient times it was called Ekur, and Ekur it will be called again. This is where Enlil has rested for the last several millennia. Most of the world has forgotten about him and only one shrine remains in tribute. One shrine is all it takes. Soon this storm god will rise again and with his"mountain house" as his holy temple, he will reclaim his rule over the realms.

The Realm protectorate for Nippur places warps on the board, allowing for quick travel to other realms and increased rate of collection of Traveler's bonuses for all players. Choose your warp locations wisely.

#EnlilAwakened #Nippur #Ekur


Shrine Defender: The Haunted

It is said that when Enlil, the shepherd god, leaves his sheepfold, that they become haunted. It is said that when the shepherd god left Nippur, it became haunted. It is being witnessed today that when other gods come upon one of Enlil's shrines, they are guarded by The Haunted. 

These defenders don't care if they die, so long as they take their opponent with them, they will rise again to continue to protect their shrine. At higher level shrines The Haunted are able to channel their energy to Enlil to speed up his travels through the realms and bring the eyes of the proletariat upon him.

#EnlilAwakened #MythoiDefender #TheHaunted


Champion: Living Storm

No one knows if the great Living Storm is a minion of Enlil, that comes out when the god is angered, or if it is he himself, rage personified and rained down upon those that anger him. No man or beast has ever managed to keep their wits enough about them to both focus on the storm in front of them and look for the god where he had been. In the end, it doesn't matter. If you anger Enlil, you will face the wrath of his champion, the Living Storm.

The Living Storm is the epitome of 'offense is the best defense'. Surviving solely on the power of the shrine it is at, the storm has both flight and double Initiative + meaning that without some real effort, the Living Storm will land its attack first, as long as the opponent doesn't survive, then who needs defense. 

#EnlilAwakened #MythoiChampion #LivingStorm


Item: First Fruit Offering

As has been the tradition for many mythoi and those that observe their practices. Fruit is a peace offering. And as the Lord of Abundance, Enlil claims to have made the first fruit offering. First or not, Enlil's offering will bring peace between parties.


#EnlilAwakened #EnlilsArtifacts #FirstFruitOffering


Item: Land Annihilator

Enlil's words are weapons. Not only do they make the heavens tremble, but they make the very surface of the Earth quake. It is suggested, that if you want your lands to remain safe, you should lay low, and if you have attracted the attention of this god, you had better hope you remain in his good graces, lest you feel the force of his words.


#EnlilAwakened #EnlilsArtifacts #LandAnnihilator


Item: Tablet of Destinies

Some may ask why Enlil is as powerful as he is. Others know that he is the holder of the Tablet of Destinies, which detail the fates of all, even the gods themselves. And anyone who knows the fates of the gods becomes powerful indeed.


#EnlilAwakened #EnlilsArtifacts #TabletofDestinies


Spell: King Maker

Potential kings to be will announce that they are desired by Enlil, but announce all they want, only those chosen to be king are actually desired. No one will take up the mantle of King unless Enlil declares it. He is the king maker. 


#EnlilAwakened #EnlilsSpells #KingMaker


Spell: Lord of Abundance

A crop bringer, a shepherd, a bringer of rains. With Enlil on your side, crops and herds alike will grow plentiful and even the peasants shall eat like kings. Thus, many a small shrine crop up. This spread of wealth draws the attention of the proletariat from across the realm much more than the normal focused draw of the larger shrines.


#EnlilAwakened #EnlilsSpells #LordofAbundance


Spell: My Fates Decried

As the holder of the Tablet of Destinies, Enlil is privy to the fates, not in the least, his own. With this knowledge, and the powers of a god, occasionally he can slip his fate. If only by a few steps.


#EnlilAwakened #EnlilsSpells #MyFatesDecried


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