DnDizzle: Dragons in the Hood

DnDizzle: Dragons in the Hood, is the first game in the Pocket RPG Series. It is an affectionate parody of 80s & 90s hip-hop culture and classic adventure role-playing.


“Thug life aint always what it's cracked up to be; especially when you got a big-ass dragon living in your hood.” In DnDizzle you take on the role of a heroic OG battling against the menacing black dragon that has taken over the city dump and is summoning monsters to destroy the OGs and their hood.


DnDizzle comes in a sleek, 6"x4" pocket sized format for the nerd OG on the go. All you need is 2d6 (your bones), the book, a pencil, and some paper. From there you are good to go. This game is for mature players for language, drug use and violence. If you don't mind some fantasy adult content and would like a good laugh, come join the fight and become a legend of the hood.


Pocket RPGs are designed so players may build characters quickly and play one off games and short campaigns. 


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