Codex of Pandemonium

The Void has come and gone, mostly. It has been too many years to remember. The Void has receded some but still remains visible in the distance, like an albatross, while tales of the Void seeping back in certain parts of Carmine have been reported.
Rumors have spread that it isn’t just a shroud or a punishment for our sins, as previously believed. Rather, some theorize that the Void may be a living thing, creeping closer ever so slowly so as to remain unnoticed, and while it recedes in some parts, it is only to encroach upon others.

Wild rumors of new, more terrifying creatures have also been sparked. Undead beings from the Void, shambling out in random places. No one can really confirm these rumors, as those who've supposedly encountered these wretched beings haven't survived to account for what they saw. It can only be surmised by the anguish etched on the faces of supposed victims that a horrific death was encountered before meeting their maker.


This campaign is a compilation of the three Codex of Pandemonium adventures that lead your party across Carmine in search of a mysterious book rumored to be full of answers, knowledge and great power.


Requires Carmine Core Book to Play.

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