Carmine Erratas

Carmine Core Book:

Shield Bash P. 105: Book says "The shield is considered a one-handed weapon for the purposes of two-melee fighting." It should be "Heavy one-handed for the purposes of two-melee fighting, attacks and parrying"

Alchemical Shells, Potions & Globes P.138: The price of Alchemical supplies is quite restrictive so to fix this we have changed a few things. 1) When buying vials, globes and shells, the price is the same, but for vials and globes you are buying 5 instead of 1, and for alchemical shells you are buying 10 instead of 1. They only sell them in batches (subject to change at the GM's discretion.) When you create anything using these things, you use the same amount of materials as originally stated, except you now use multiple containers. So for the same price as before you are now creating batches of 5 potions or globes or 10 shells (You may not make only 1, you must make them in batches). The sale price for these things is also for the batch, but you may buy them one at a time, Ex: 1 2D6 potion would only cost 10 silver as opposed to the batch of 5 which would cost the listed 50 silver. This should successfully make it so that alchemy isn't quite so restrictive and low level characters can actually heal after battles.

Alchemical Munitions P.141: There are a number of the shells that say they need x standard components. Those are supposed to be Basic Alchemical Components.

Fire Infusion P.148: Clarification: When used with an explosive arrow, the bonus damage only affects the original target. It does not add bonus damage to the Area of Effect.


Truth in the Darkness:

Pirate Nation Flag P.28: This is actually the Dread Pirate Flag.

Battle Healer P.65: says they start with one-handed melee skill. They start with heavy one-handed.

Heavy Weapon Mount P.74: Missing Stats: Does not take up a device slot, may only be built on Advanced or Master armor, costs 100 silver to add, ammo costs are the same as cannons, 10 silver for the ball, 10 silver worth of black powder.

Overload P.75: Clarification: In the Engineer ability description it states overload does damage as such.
Basic = D6+lvl
Advanced = 2D6+lvl
Master = 3D6+lvl

In the Construct descriptions it says bonus damage is:
Basic = 0
Advanced = D6
Master = 2D6

These damages stack. So in effect constructs should have overload damage of.
Basic = D6+lvl
Advanced = 3D6+lvl
Master = 5D6+lvl

Alchemical Weapon Ejector P.75: Missing Stats: Takes up a device slot, costs 10 basic engineering components (100 silver worth), adds 1DR and 10 hp to the construct, and allows it to store 1 alchemical gas globe that will fire into the air at the end of it's movement. It will not be affected by the gas globe. Reloading a new gas globe takes 4 actions and a new gas globe. A construct may not have both a weapons system and an alchemical ejector.

Firearm Infusion P. 78: says "Applying alchemical properties to normal firearms" it should say "personal firearms"

Heavy-Weapon Infusion P.78: says "grants access to the Heavy-Weapon infusion alchemy list." it should say "You may now apply firearm infusion to heavy weapons."

Improve Firearm P.79: We have rewritten the bonuses this can add to a firearm so you may not add the same thing twice and the damage option is higher. New phrasing should be, "the fusionist may apply up to two different of the following improvements: +1D6 Damage, +10% Range (Range, rounded up to the nearest interval of 5 ft.), +1 to Strike, +1 to Capacity, or -1 Reload."

Grip of Fear P.86: Like the Guardian Taunts, if a target makes his save against this, he can no longer be affected this skill during this combat.

Shock Infusion P.119: Says target may become stunned, it should be dazed.

Shock Firearm Infusion P. 121: The target must save against being dazed if there is a successful strike to an unarmored area as well as strikes that cause armor breaks.

Burning Armor Modification P.128: Clarification: May only affect any given target once per round.

Original Core Fixed in V1.1

Duelist Ability Deflection P.71: Says the prereq is Ranged Parry, it should be Parry Reposte.

Major Errata: Shields
A number of fixes have been applied to shields to make them more balanced. Changes are in blue.

In the combat Chapter the Shields in Combat section should now read:
A shield may be used in a round as many times as the character has defensive actions. When choosing to use a shield, it must be declared and resolved before a defensive action is used against an incoming attack. When used, there is a percentage chance (block chance) that an attack will strike the shield instead of the character. This block chance is in intervals of 10. Roll a D10 and multiply the result by 10; if the result is equal to or less than the block chance, the attack hits the shield. The attacker still rolls damage to determine if the shield is broken.

In the combat Chapter the Facing section should now read:
It is important to note the direction the character is facing in combat. A character can face in one of four directions: north, south, east, and west. This determines which direction the character can attack from and which direction is considered being attacked from behind. A character may not use a defensive action against attacks from behind if they are not aware of their attacker. If they are aware of their attacker, they may then make a defensive action at a -5 penalty.

The guardian's supreme defense ability should now read:
Supreme Defense
(Tier 5)
Supreme defense adds to the benefits granted by heroic defense. With supreme defense, the character will only lose their defensive action when completely helpless. The guardian also gains one additional defensive use of their shield per round. 
Prerequisite: Call Out


Rule Changes in Truth in the Darkness that Override Rules in the Core Book

Reach Weapons in Combat
This new rule is meant to make reach weapons more realistic and effective in Carmine combat. It is recommended for use by groups of all skill, but more advanced groups may find it easier to implement. It is ultimately up to the GM on whether or not to use this particular rule.

The rule:
If a combatant moves in to attack a character with a reach greater than theirs, they lose 1 defensive action until next turn. This negative can only be applied once per combatant and is not cumulative. A character also loses the ability to move 5 feet as a free action when moving through someone's reach to attack them.

Example 1: Standish the terror hunter is wielding a 10-foot polearm. His opponent, Francis, is wielding a long sword with a 5-foot reach. Francis is 20 feet away and moves in to attack Standish. By doing so, Francis forfeits a defensive action, because Standish has superior reach.

Example 2: It's the next round, and Standish moves back 5 feet as a free action and opens up with two vicous polearm attacks. On his turn, Francis must use an action to move up 5 feet, which causes him to again lose 1 defensive action, and then attacks once to complete his turn.

Example 3: Standish decides not to move back this round and fights Francis at 5-foot range. In this case, Francis doesn't have to move up and thus
doesn't lose a defensive action.

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