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Welcome to Carmine: A Role-playing Game of Alchemical Fantasy Carmine is an island surrounded by an all consuming void. An empty space, held back by a mysterious fog, called the veil.


Carmine is a land of beauty and violence. Terrors claw their way out of the mists of the veil to bring suffering to all those unfortunate enough to get in their paths. Monstrous humanoids, known as the Taligar, roam the land
bringing pain and war to the unprepared. 


Not all of Carmine is untamed, bastions of humanity have sprung up all across the island. These places are protected by casted heroes, trained to be the defenders or conquers of the world. 


The mighty Legion lies in the east, conquering all in their path under the banner of their king. The Legion has been taught that Carmine will never be safe until it is united under one banner, theirs. They also fight in the name of their god, the Architect. 

In the west is the progressive city-state of alchemists and the birthplace of airships, known as Endilay. Endilay is a place of science and advancement. With the might of the airship armada they have staved off attack from the Legion but have gained their ire. 


In the south, protected by the burning sand of a desert, lies the oasis city of Amaranth. The religious community of Amaranth follows the teachings of the profit Fayte and call themselves the Righteous Hand. The Hand brings swift death to the wicked and train daily to hone the arts of assassination. 


The balance between these mighty nations is a fragile one, maintained by fear of total annihilation. Will Carmine survive or fall to the ever present darkness.

"This core rulebook is very concise but still leaves room for growth in subsequent supplements in the form of abilities and technology. By incorporating alchemy infused black-powder and steam, the setting can be enhanced with new uses for the technology. Essentially, the setting is not tied down by standard epic fantasy tropes. Carmine is a new, unique experience for fantasy players looking to raise their technology level past simple sword and sorcery...

Mechanics covers skills, abilities, and combat. As stated before, the system uses a simple roll-over d20 system using your attribute and skill ranks as direct bonuses to your roll. The lists of skills is more than sufficient and divided into standard and weapon types. The weapon skills simply differentiate those used for weapon use versus those used for all other types of action. Abilities are those that further define what your character is capable of doing better than everyone else. The list is a bit small but ample. In addition, these abilities can easily be expanded upon to add new castes and factions for designing unique character types. Combat is very straight-forward"
    ~Aaron T. Huss - Roleplayer's Chronicle

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