Our Story

Attention Span Games was conceived in 2010 when Ron Leota (Right) decided to ask his nemisis, Will Carson (Left), to read through a home campaign for an RPG he wanted to run for a group of friends. Reluctantly Will read it and was surprised that he liked it. Mostly just being an ass, Will told Ron that if he turned it into a full game, he would publish it. 


Fueled by spite and Will's belief that he had no follow through, Ron hunkered down and turned out a full game that became Carmine. True to his word, in 2011, Will started ASGames to produce Ron's Game. Admittedly Ron named the company.


In the years since launching Carmine we have produced a couple suppliments for Carmine and started a new line of Pocket RPGs headed up with DnDizzle, an affectionate 80-90s hip hop spoof of the table top RPGs Will and Ron grew up on. They also released the follow up pRPG Laser Metal, the Heavey Metal Sci-fi and Will brought another writing team to tackle the Anime themed pRPG, to be released soon. Worry not, Ron will be back to write the next one, word has it it will be of the Horror Genre.

Will has also developed the Replicants! card game, that plays like a board game, as well as its first expansion. He heads of the Aegis Project which currently consists of a web comic, with a Board game and a video game (different games that both take place in the same world.) And when he has time he is also working on Mythoi, which is a deck based board game involving the waking of the gods and their epic battles to take over each other's realms.


Brace yourself for things to come. 

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