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Recent Updates & News

1/27/15 - Social Media Explosion
We can now be found all over the web. So whatever social media you prefer come follow us on one or all. 
Web Store - ASGarb.storenvy.com
Facebook - /attentionspangames
Twitter - @AttentionSpanG
Instagram - /attentionspangames
Imgur - asgames.imgur.com/
Tumblr - attentionspangames

1/19/15 - In the New Year
So far we have done Rustycon.

Next in line is Howlcon in Portland, OR. We will be running a special werewolf themed game of Carmine while there, being GMed by it's creator, Ron Leota.

Then Radcon in Pasco, WA. We'll be in room 2120 merchanting in the Annex hall. On top of that, we will be running game demos of Carmine, DnDizzle, Supers Anonymous (a safe gathering place for super heros and villains alike to discuss the woes of being a super and the progress they have made in their struggles), Corrundum, and Pantheons (both board games ASG has in the works). The NWNerdcast will be there doing a live show, as well as a number of podcasting and gaming panels.

So if you can get out to either of those, awesome. If not, keep an eye on us on our FB page, like us if you haven't and also remember to check in for the item of the week for a 10% discount on new items. We post the new item every Monday, usually mid afternoon. (Note, our postings don't necessarily appear in the feed because you like us, thanks to FB's new policy. So liking and sharing the Item of the week is greatly appreciated.)

Have a con or event you would like us at, email info to ASGS@attentionspangames.com and we will look into being there.

Over the next few months we should have some new game announcements as well. Hopefully Carmine, Laser Metal, and at least one new non RPG announcement.

If you are an artist, writer, creator or designer and are interested in joining the team send us a resume/folio. We are looking for writers and artists for some of our upcoming games and we are always looking to take on more creators on the non gaming side of the company as well.

And of course if you are looking for any of our games or want to look through the products our different artists make please check out our shop.

10/27/14 - Item (Product Line) of the Week
This week's item is actually the majority of a product line by Kelsey Lovelle. She makes beautiful, hand felted scarves and accessories. Her stuff can be found on our shop or a highlight can be found on the FB page.

10/13/14 - The Facebookening

Last week we started posting an item of the week on our facebook page. This is something to showcase new items our artists have sent out way. So if you are interested in seeing what's new on a weeklyish basis Go here and like us. We will get something posted each Monday. And if you want to see the expanded selection, go to our web-store and peruse our wares new and old. Follow us there too if you want to see new things as they post. 

9/25/14 Steamposium is This Weekend & We Have Caffeinated Marshmallows
Come check us out at Steamposium in Seattle this weekend. We will be in the merchant hall, rockin' the local wares.

And we now carry Caffeinated marshmallows. They have quite the kick and taste awesome. They come in Chocolate, Orange and Vanilla and are great for a supercharged version of whatever you would use marshmallows in as well as just being tasty on their own. Definately a cut above those fluffy store bought things.

9/23/14 Support Project Dreamhaven
ASG has partnered with Project Dreamhaven and many other merchants and events to bring you a digital discount book full of coupons not only for ASG, but multiple other costume merchants, Ren Faires and more. Part of the Proceeds go towards building an outdoor event space. Read more about the project and purchase the book here on our web store.

6/22/14 3rd Annual Great Indi RPG Giveaway is happening now until the 30th.
Roleplayer's Chronicle is hosting this wonderful giveaway so go check it out to get a chance to win all sorts of free digital RPGs. 

6/16/14 - NW Larp Fest
We will be one of the sponsors for the PNWs premiere Larp Con. There will be performances by Death*Star, and tons of LARP demos, as well as some beloved crafters from the community. Get your tickets now.
6/11/14 - Calendar updated
The list of events we will be at for the rest of the year is posted on the Calendar. Some of the events include, Seadog nights, Rose City Comic Con, and Steamposium. If there is an event you want us to be at that isn't on the calendar, let us know and we will see what we can do.

6/4/14 - Updating the Store and More Updates to Come!
With the ongoing success of our con presence and the fantastic adventure that has been DnDizzle, we are taking the opportunity to update our storefront and possibly our website. Our new store can be found at storenvy. Stay tuned in the days that follow for further updates. We're hoping to be done with the move by the end of next week!

3/25/14 - DnDizzle Launch a Success, Make Way for Laser Metal!

The DnDizzle launch went better than our wildest dreams. Thank you to everyone who made it a reality. Now for the announcement, the next book for our Pocket RPG series comes from DnDizzle's author, Ron Leota, and it is called Laser Metal. In a twisted future, mankind survives by the power of metal. Join us for  a sci-fi romp through a metal world.

2/27/14 - DnDizzle Out and Podcasting
DnDizzle was funded and released! The game is doing really well, thanks to all of our fans. In other news, Will and Ron appeared on a podcast, Geek in the City, last night to discuss some criticisms the hosts had about the game. It went really well. 

1/13/14 - DnDizzle Funded and Climbing!

Thank you to all who pledged to the DnDizzle Kickstarter! We are funded and rapidly approaching our first stretch goal. Here come the hood.

1/4/14 - DnDizzle Kickstarter Going Strong
We are halfway done with our DnDizzle Kickstarter and it's doing pretty well but still needs your help. Please head over to the kickstarter and help out or boost our signal. Thanks!

For more information, custom orders, or to submit a game idea please email us at: asgs@attentionspangames.com
Make sure to follow us on Twitter and to like us on Facebook.
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